Lighting and the Artist’s Vision

Lighting is of paramount importance in the reproduction of Fine Art.  It’s also of crucial importance in displaying work, whether in a gallery or a home, and, most importantly, it’s critical for the artist to understand how to use lighting in the studio to express their vision, their feeling, their intention for the work.

We speak to any and all of these subjects surrounding the issue of light and art, for artists, gallery owners and collectors alike.  Here’s a sample of what we offer:

For the Artist: The Well-Lit Studio

Your studio is where you use every tool you have to fulfill your vision.  Is your lighting the best that it can be, to help you achieve that?   

Light is one of the most important tools, yet so often not understood.  This is a workshop addressing how to best set up the lighting in the artist’s studio – exploring the goals of good lighting, and how to get the most from what you have, choices, selections and workarounds, and common lighting tools you can get at any hardware store. (2 hours)

Understanding Gallery and Display Lighting

What are the challenges of lighting a gallery?  How does this determine how the work will appear?  How does the artist anticipate the ways in which the work will be displayed?  This workshop talks about the mechanics of lighting for the gallery and museum, the challenges of the curator and the perception of the viewer. (2 hours)

Reproducing your work: Capturing the Vision

How does the reproduction process work, and why is lighting so important?  This class will help the artist to understand, and begin to master, the challenges in having their work reproduced, and reproducing their own work, whether for web or print. This includes hands-on demonstrations and visualization of lighting techniques and approaches, as well as an overview of the digital processing tools we use.  (2 hours, with 2 hours practicum).

We can tailor a workshop to individuals, or to any sized group.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs, here.


The Thomas Cole Studio, Cedar Grove NY


Ted Dillard, founder of The Atelier Print and the driving force behind developing “The Atelier Method” is a photographer, writer, teacher and digital imaging “guru” with decades of experience in commercial photography and Fine Art reproduction.  He’s the author of the “Pipeline” series of digital photography books, has developed and taught curricula for undergraduate and graduate programs in digital photography for Northeastern University, The Art Institute of Boston and the New England School of Photography, and specializes in research and workflow development in RAW file processing, color management and lighting for photography. 

Ted Dillard, The Atelier Print (photo courtesy of Lucia Prosperi)

Ted Dillard, The Atelier Print (photo: Lucia Prosperi)