Welcome to The Atelier Print

(photo courtesy of Lucia Prosperi.   ©Lucia Prosperi, 2012   All rights reserved.)

The Atelier Print came to be because of a fairly simple belief: the only faithful reproduction of an artist’s work must begin within the context of the original work.  That is, the studio of the artist.  Only then are the nuances of texture, color and light captured truly accurately and with the sensitivity to what the artist saw when creating the piece.

Simply, we see the artist’s vision.

The work is photographed using the lighting used in creating the work.  We capture every nuance, texture and feel the artist saw and intended.  The image is processed, and printed in the presence of the original.  The prints are evaluated under the same lighting conditions as the original.  The artist oversees every step, and only when the artist is satisfied that the result fulfills the intention of the painting is the print approved and complete.

How it works:

  • In our studio, we re-create the light you use to create the work.  If you require prints, we produce a guide print for reference, and evaluate that under the same conditions – with the light you use in your studio.  We are consistently able to make prints with remarkable fidelity to the original..
  • That guide print is used to produce your final edition prints, reproduced at the size you require.
  • Capture and print pricing is available on request, tailored to your needs. We price our services at competitive industry standards.

Please contact The Atelier Print so we can discuss your specific needs.  Our email is: info(at)atelierprint.org.

See a more complete explanation of this method here: Lighting in the Artist’s Studio: Fine Art Reproduction as Photographyand here:

A special thanks: This process is unlike any other method currently used in reproducing artwork.  Only through the work of Prosperi Studio was the development of this method possible, through the demands and understanding of Warren and Lucia Prosperi, and the confidence to allow implementation of the highest levels of contemporary digital photography, color management and file processing.  This method achieves what, ultimately is the most basic goal of Fine Art reproduction…  allowing us to share the intent of the artist.

Visit Prosperi Studio online, here.

Hear artist Warren Prosperi interviewed, here: Warren Prosperi on Light and Color.

Why the name “The Atelier Print”? Simple. 

In spite of the current various misuses of the term “atelier”, it is French for “workshop”, and is traditionally used for an artist’s studio where a principal master and a number of assistants, students and apprentices worked together producing pieces that went out in the master’s name.

This is the goal of The Atelier Print: To produce reproductions with the artist, in the studio of the artist, under the supervision of the artist, that are offered “in the Master’s name” without reservation.